I'm too lazy to write a post with a cogent narrative, so I'm just going to present a bullet-pointed list of my random thoughts.

  • I quit my job and have a week off before starting a new gig.  So far I've spent it lying on the couch in my high school gym pants eating cold pasta and playing iPhone Scrabble.  Today my brother came over and we watched 5 really rapey episodes of Law & Order: SVU and then he helped me return a keg to the liquor store. White trash sibling bonding rituals!
  • I found a fun trivia night at Bell House, a bar near my apartment.  Last night the prize for the first place team was two tickets to the new Penn & Teller Off-Broadway show, and my friends and I set out to win them with a yearning, panicked intensity.  We came in third, partially because I insisted the answer to "What controversial but legal act did Penn & Teller perform at the White House during an episode of the West Wing" was sodomy.  Turns out it was flag-burning.
  • Speaking of West Wing, I got the first season on Netflix, and my stars is Rob Lowe sexy.  I like it when he wears glasses, and then in a later scene he's not wearing glasses, and then later, more glasses. Rob Lowe. Glasses.
  • In a spate of pinot-induced loneliness, I reactivated a dormant online dating profile.  Within ten minutes I had a message that read, "Will be in New York next week. What are the good salsa clubs? xoxo, Maurice."  Not sure why he thought I was some kind of authority on this. I tried learning to salsa at my roommate's dad 60th birthday party last year, but after ten minutes her cousin banished me to the church basement's hallway because Puerto Ricans find me too embarrassing. Still, excited about my new boyfriend!!
  • Whenever I see "free-range eggs" on a menu, I picture little eggs merrily bouncing around in a field.  Same thing with grass-fed meatballs, only they're chomping on the grass with their tiny meatball mouths.  I told this to a friend last night and he said, "Sometimes I wish I could spend a day in your brain." But then he got a faraway look and he shivered a little and muttered, "But only one day..."
More later!


Hannah said...

1) I thought all Law & Order episodes were uber rapey... it's how they make their viewer numbers.
2) Bonus points for burning a flag WHILE engaging in sodomy... no?
3) Did you know he get all pissy because he wanted the show to be only about his character and couldn't get over the fact that it was an ensemble cast? Still, love those glasses!
4) Tell him the sodomy joke; if he's still in, you've found your winner!
5) ACK!! Haven't seen it yet. Let me guess though: something happens, and Harry is all "FML!!!" and then he and his friends go on a romp to save the world? That movie needs more sex scenes.
6) How do you have "free range eggs"? Free range chicken, yes. You know, you could by-pass the whole process and raise your own chickens. Pros: Fresh eggs like, every fucking day. Cons: Lots of bird poop, they're loud, and I don't think chickens "snuggle," so much as peck your eyes out when you touch them.

Otherwise, YAY!!!!

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