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This weekend I went up to Boston to stay with friends, and Saturday they threw a big Halloween party at their apartment. It was a lovely time and I ingested many cups of magical punch that tastes nothing like vodka  and loads of this amazing cheesy buffalo chicken dip that's so addictive it like, alters your brain chemistry until all you can think about is getting more and more dip and soon you're standing over the empty bowl at 3am, trembling and begging your hosts for another fix while the last remaining party guests whisper sadly about how things have taken an ugly turn for you since college.

Anyway, I wasn't feeling so hot Sunday, and may have been a little slapdash in my packing.  So when I reached into my bag this morning, I discovered that I forgot to pack my makeup bag, but did manage to grab a giant plastic pipe that belonged to someone's Sherlock Holmes costume.  Good save.  I figure I'll just walk around chewing the pipe to distract people from the fact that I look really jank without makeup.  Everyone will be all, "She looks a little tired around the eyes, but dammit is she distinguished. Let's enlist her help in solving the Shrewsbury murders."  And then I'll be all, "the parson did it," and everyone will marvel at my preternatural detective skills.  Except for the parson, who's just been wrongfully accused of murder. 


Hannah said...

Pipes are the new black... so are capes. You'll make a kick-ass Homles!!

Hannah said...

Hmmm.... where did you go??

Maroid Rage said...

Ack, I know! I've been busy and neglectful. I will post soon, promise. Sorry, loyal reader!

Hannah said...


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