I've been working late hours at my job, and often I'm the last person in my section when our night time cleaning lady comes around.  She's very sweet and friendly and sometimes when I'm not at my desk she arranges my loose change and collection of shoes in pleasing patterns. I feel we've developed an unspoken kinship.

The other night I passed her on my way out the door and I noticed that the garbage can she wheels around is plastered with cutouts of children's faces from magazines. And like honestly, what the fuck? Is this just a miscalculated bit of whimsy to offset the drudgery of her profession? Do they remind her of her estranged grandkids? Or have garbage cans gotten edgier?

My big fear is that if I work late enough, the magazine cutout children will come alive and murder me while Inga watches and claps. I'm writing this post so that in case I go missing, one of you will know to check the garbage can. If you see my terrified magazine cutout face looking back at you, please avenge me.


Anonymous said...

This kind of reminds me of The Ring. If you go missing I'm going to be afraid to investigate because if I see the garbage can, I'll probably get a mysterious call from Inga telling me I have 7 days before the cutout children come for me.

Maroid Rage said...

Well if you don't investigate, I WILL come find you.

Eddie said...

Better the devil you know, I suppose.

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