media credit: Gawker

A Chinese lingerie company made this ridiculous ad  to honor Princess Diana on the 14th(?!) anniversary of her death. In case you can't read the caption, they want us to "Feel the Romance of British Royalty."  Because British royals are synonymous with romance, obviously.  Tweedy, toothy, clammy romance.

Apparently some British people are really offended by this, but I think this is possibly the greatest thing I have ever seen.  The cello, the tiara, the random, beaming child in what looks like half a jujitsu uniform: it's surrealist magic.  In fact, I want to see more ads featuring British royals in absurdist, vaguely kinky scenarios.  Like Prince Charles playing croquet wearing only nipple tassles and jodhpurs, or the Queen Mother arranging flowers in a corset while a mime watches. 

Make it happen, China.


Hannah said...

"Tweedy, toothy, clammy romance," is going to have me laughing all the way home!!!

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