Sorry about the prolonged absence, reader(s).  I spent August in a boozy vacation haze.  It involved my friend's wedding in Barbados and trips to Rhode Island and Boston.  I managed to spend a week in the tropics without developing any kind of sunburn on my pasty Irish skin by frequently applying sunblock made specially for albinos.  Then this weekend I got an ugly, mottled burn by spending an hour in the Boston sun.

 This August I rarely worked, often partied, and ignored my body's need for sleep.  As I result, I developed a dependency on 5-hr energy shots and wine.  This is a lifestyle choice I recommend if you think you'd like to have a series of small strokes for 4.5 hours and then pass out in a Denny's.

I have $11 in checking and what is presumably a raging case of scurvy.

I am looking forward to a fall of monk-like abstinence and contemplation.  I will make sure to blog about my epic failures in that regard.


Hannah said...

OMG. You're HILAROUS. Also, you sound like my life from college. WIN!

Maroid Rage said...

Thanks! It's sad because I'm old.

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