I got an email welcoming a new employee and immediately IMed my coworker.

Me: Whoa, the new guy's name is Tater?
Janet: LOL, I know. What were his parents thinking?
Me: Right? Po' Tater.
Me: It must have been tough on him as a tot.
Me: His parents should be a-salted.
Me: I don't know if you're receiving all these hilarious puns.
Janet: Yes I got them, thanks.

Whatever, she's just jealous of my rapier wit.

My wit has raped so many more people than hers has.


Eddie said...

I know that guy. He's a real chip off the ole block.

Hannah said...

Oy. It sounds like a pun-a-thon my husband would have... with nobody in particular.

Maroid Rage said...

I really, really like puns. :)

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